Company Profile

             KAPOOR METALS is a leading firm dealing in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap, based in Chennai - the
auto components hub of India.

             The firm was established in the year 1988. We are a part of the 4 decades old MANGAL METALS group.
We have been providing services and supplies to Trade & Industries, for around 25 years,

             We deal in VIRGIN & SCRAPS of metals like Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Tin Nickel, Zinc and
ALLOYS like Brass, Gun metal, Alu Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Manganese Bronze, HTB etc and Stainless steel.

              We deal in the above in forms like Cathodes, Bars, Ingots, Wires, Castings, Sheets, Pipes, Flats, Chips,
Turnings, Borings etc.

            Our Business motto is ” Good Quality is remembered - prompt service is appreciated  “
We believe in maintaining long term relationship with our customers and suppliers by the way of optimum quality products at
the most competitive rates.